Re: (meteorobs) Draconids peak in EST

Here is something I had archived: And yes, it looks like the weather will
stink here in Maryland too...

Forwarded from Sky & Telescope's News Bulletin:


On the evening of October 8th, debris from Periodic Comet
21P/Giacobini-Zinner may provide a stunning sky show. The Giacobinid meteor
shower produced two of the greatest meteor displays seen this century in
1933 and 1946. Lesser showers arrived in 1926, 1952, and 1985. With the
comet's return this year, there are reasonably good chances for a decent
display. Unlike most meteor showers, the Giacobinids are at their best in
the evening rather than after midnight. Their radiant (apparent point of
origin due to perspective) is near the head of the constellation Draco.
This point is highest right after dark at midnorthern latitudes; it moves
lower throughout the night and is near the horizon by dawn. Europe and
western Asia may have the best prospects, but the only way to know will be
to go out and look. See the October *Sky & Telescope,* page 100, or visit

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          Can someone post the "recommend" viewing time for the
Draconid peak EST for Thursday night the 8th of Friday morning the 9th?  I
think the weather is supposed to be bad in NE PA though.