Re: (meteorobs) Re: Statistics & Stationary Meteors

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 If I wanted to be precise I would have stated that I have seen perhaps
 10 stationary meteors out of 51,284 meteors recorded. I do keep grand
 totals and also I mention true stationary meteors in my observing
 reports. I do not though keep a grand total for stationary meteors and I
 lack the free time to look through many years of records just to come up
 with an exact figure.

I don't keep grand totals that combines all years together either. However, I
do keep yearly totals in a log book that starts over with each new year. I
record things such as Total meteors recorded, total meteors plotted, total
meteors counted only, Fireballs, Teff Hours, Nites observed, meteors
photographed, who I've emailed my reports to, and when I mailed plotting
charts to Rainer. Several times they have been very helpful to refer
to...particularly when my total and Arlts total that he has for me doesn't
match. It makes it easier to notice if I'm missing a report or
something...which happens about once a year. 
George Zay