(meteorobs) Meteor Events for 1998

Hi, Gregory, that was an interesting table! I'll wager it was from a
book published in the 1980s or before, as it shows the Leonids having
a ZHR (theoretical hourly rate under ideal conditions) of just 10!

Anyway, for folks interested in seeing a more up to date table like
the one Gregory sent out, I've included below an adaptation of the
International Meteor Organization's 1998 Calendar. You can find this
same adapted table on the 'meteorobs' Web site at:

Clear skies!


Shower                     Activity       Maximum   Rating
                            Period         Date
*Quadrantids             Jan 01-Jan 05    Jan 03    Very Strong
Virginids                Jan 25-Apr 15   (Mar 24)   Weak
*Lyrids                  Apr 16-Apr 25    Apr 22    Medium to Strong
Pi-Puppids               Apr 15-Apr 28    Apr 23    Usually Weak
Eta-Aquarids             Apr 19-May 28    May 05    Strong to Very Strong
Sagittarids              Apr 15-Jul 15   (May 20)   Weak
July Phoenicids          Jul 10-Jul 16    Jul 13    Usually Weak - SOUTH ONLY
Pisces Austrinids        Jul 15-Aug 10    Jul 28    Weak
*Southern Delta-Aquarids Jul 12-Aug 19    Jul 28    Strong
*Perseids                Jul 17-Aug 24    Aug 12    Very Strong
Alpha-Aurigids           Aug 25-Sep 05    Sep 01    Medium
Delta-Aurigids           Sep 05-Oct 10    Sep 08    Weak
Draconids                Oct 06-Oct 10    Oct 08    Very Weak to VERY Strong
*Orionids                Oct 02-Nov 07    Oct 21    Strong
Southern Taurids         Oct 01-Nov 25    Nov 05    Weak
Northern Taurids         Oct 01-Nov 25    Nov 12    Weak
*Leonids                 Nov 14-Nov 21    Nov 17    Strong to VERY Strong
Alpha-Monocerotids       Nov 15-Nov 25    Nov 21    Usually Weak
Phoenicids               Nov 28-Dec 09    Dec 06    Usually Weak - SOUTH ONLY
Puppid-Velids            Dec 01-Dec 15   (Dec 07)   Medium - SOUTH ONLY
*Geminids                Dec 07-Dec 17    Dec 14    Very Strong
Ursids                   Dec 17-Dec 26    Dec 22    Medium

* - "Major Showers" are marked with a "*".