Re: (meteorobs) Lew, this has been unfair.

Dave Garrison>>Sorry Kevin,
I didn't realize you owned this group and dictated the language to be used.
Perhaps some of the group's members that live in Eastern Europe or Asia are
familiar with being told what to do, but I am NOT.
Dave Garrison<<

I'd probably not have said anything...but from dave's words, I get the
impression that he was gonna say what ever words he wanted regardless who it
might have offended? He chosed to be irresponsible...I chosed to remind him
about being a responsible person. 

Jerry>>I can't defend Dave's private language or (everyone's) thin-skinned
attitude, but this has been unfair.<<

I wouldn't want to defend it either...but privately it wouldn't bother me. But
being in a large diverse group, the "thin skinned attitude" comes with the

 >> I'm retired Air Force also and I can't
believe that Dave realized that his private email reaction would be
redirected to this list, for eventual view by children. <<

Yes I was surprised too. I don't condone this as well. 

Jerry>>In any case, if someone asks a question that's off topic, she should be
slapped down and squashed unmercifully for not knowing the bleary rules of
the 'elders' of this group, but to publically upbraid a polite poster who's
only, seemingly after much computer difficulty, trying to help?? <<

The individual wasn't "slapped down and squashed unmercifully"....They were
politely reminded. I doubt much would have been said then if at all, except
for Dave's initial use of potentially offensive word wasn't included? It
seemed like a good place to interject before it could be interpreted as a
signal that more colorful words would be acceptable. 

Jerry>>And then, not many rotations later, we get 28 lines about decapitating
Juniper tree!!  Oh, but this is about meteor observing!?  I'm sorry, Dave's
summary was much more interesting, with none of the tripe and the
self-centered posturing.<<

Jerry, my discussion about decapitating a Juniper tree was directly or
indirectly related to meteor observing. It wasn't about just any juniper tree.
It was about a tree that's been blocking the view of a well used meteor
observatory for a long time in a certain direction. Several folks on this list
has visited the observatory and are well aware of it's nuisance. The fact that
it has been decapitated means that I'm able to have a better observing view
from the observatory. It was tied in to meteor observing. As for Dave's off
topic remarks about black holes...although not tied in to meteor observing, it
wasn't really a big deal on a short term. But his using of a word that could
lead to more offensive words is what I looked down on and is what I was trying
to discourage. There is a mixture of age groups, gender and cultures here. I'm
just guessing, but I pretty much suspect that most adults have a pretty good
idea what is acceptable and what's not in such a diverse group without folks
having to remind them. But apprently Dave didn't. Privately, cuss words don't
bother me a bit...but here there is no place for them simply because there's
bound to be someone who will be offended. 

Jerry>>Dave's right!, the early contributors to this group have gone
due to their pride, imagined prestige and imagined power! <<

Even without pride, prestige or power, I"ve never realized that being a
responsible adult is a form of madness?

George Zay