Re: (meteorobs) stationary Perseid

Why just visit only Austria or Hungary for the eclipse?

Why don't you came to Romania, where the people are just as warm as the
Hungarians or Austrians? In Romania the best spots are Timisoara or
Bucuresti. Timisoara is near hungarian border. I know a link to a romanian
Web site where you can see the map of Romania and the best places to see
the solar eclipse. If you want this link tell me and i will give it to
you. (now i forgot the link and i have to search for it).


On Fri, 2 Oct 1998 KCStarguy@aol.com wrote:
> Well I got clouded out here in Kansas for the Perseids again. Saw a couple of
> 1st magnitude Perseids and that was it.
> Reminds me about 30 years ago while watching the Perseids in Rhode Island. A
> bright green dot appeared in the radiant, and grew steadily bigger and bigger
> like the firebal weapon used by the Romulans on Star Trek. It was about -6, I
> believe and it got about 2/3 the size of the moon before this stationary
> fireball fizzled out. I could not believe and still remember it well. Only
> stationary among the thousands I had seen. Anyone else ever seen a stationary?
> Meanwhile if you are interested in going to Austria- Hungary next year to see
> the eclipse and the Perseids let me know. 
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