Re: (meteorobs) Lew, this has been unfair.

I can't defend Dave's private language or (everyone's) thin-skinned
attitude, but this has been unfair.  I'm retired Air Force also and I can't
believe that Dave realized that his private email reaction would be
redirected to this list, for eventual view by children.  IMO, it was copied
here in a fit of childish lapse.  Talk about irresponsibility, Fred and
Gail!!  Talk about netiquette?  My children and I don't want to read such
material, only so that you can attempt to make a point in a disagreement.
That was a far more egregious action than anything Dave ever even thought

In any case, if someone asks a question that's off topic, she should be
slapped down and squashed unmercifully for not knowing the bleary rules of
the 'elders' of this group, but to publically upbraid a polite poster who's
only, seemingly after much computer difficulty, trying to help??  I might
have tried to similarly answer the question, had I been unlucky enough to
have seen it before DG!!  Everyone wants to help in this way with a sincere

And then, not many rotations later, we get 28 lines about decapitating a
Juniper tree!!  Oh, but this is about meteor observing!?  I'm sorry, Dave's
summary was much more interesting, with none of the tripe and the
self-centered posturing.

Dave's right!, the early contributors to this group have gone craaaazzzy
due to their pride, imagined prestige and imagined power!  I hope Lew will
reprimand ALL involved!, including me!, for extending this thread.

If someone else (one reader) had defended DG, believe me I would not have
piled on.
In the future, if something is off-topic (in your mind) just let it die.
I know very well that this goes against the last 20 million yrs of higher
primate evolution (male) which was selected for and should have been
selected for, but when will 'top' apes realize that that *mode* has no
organizing advantage in a newsgroup??!