Re: (meteorobs) Juniper tree got a clipping!

One problem with killing trees- I heard of the case of an astronomer who
chopped down a tree which was in the way, forgetting that there was a nice
bright streetlight in that direction.


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>   Just to warn you, I heared a guy on the radio say if you top a tree it
>  looses about 40% of its root structure. In a strong wind that means less to
>  hold it in the ground. Maybe you should put some blue stone in the ground
>  and make it die then just cut it down. You don't want it hitting anything.
>   >>
> If I want a tree or something to die....it apparently won't. I've tried for
> years to help it with a possible "natural death"....but no, it just grew
> healthier it seemed? Anyhow, if it fell over someday, I would welcome that.
> It's on a slope of a small hill. I guess if it falls over, it most likely will
> be downhill....which is nothing but an open field. There's a lot bigger oak
> tree further away that I wouldn't mind falling over someday. I keep hoping it
> would with every strong wind. It's not as much of a hinderance as that juniper
> tree was. This tree is about 4 feet in diameter...but has some hollowed out
> areas. If it went down, it would open up a little more sky to the Southeast.
> It might take out the windmill in the process though...but that can be
> repaired rather easily. 
> George zay