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I don't think I said anything to provoke such an e-mail.  I was just
agreeing with Kevin and I e-mailed Kevin to tell him so.  I know about
free speech but...Do you have a charter or FAQ about problems that may
arise?  Thought I was just putting in my 2 cents.  Boy did I get some
change back.  Sorry if I caused any trouble.

Hi Fred,

I believe Lew is out of town at the moment, so thought I would respond as I
have served as list administrator in the past at his request when he was
traveling. The list is unmoderated and to my knowledge, there is no FAQ on
what you asked about. For the most part the list has always been civilized
since its creation. But one person has been "banned" in the past, and of
course is a last resort, but is an option that Lew still has. In the
case of this individual, I have noticed he has voluntarily unsubscribed
himself, so maybe the problem is over.

Clear skies!

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