Re: (meteorobs) Juniper tree got a clipping!

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<< fter finishing that, I nonchalantly asked him again about topping
 about 4 feet off the juniper tree. I was very surprised when he said "yea". I
 asked him three times with each time emphasing the word "JUNIPER TREE" to
 sure there was no misunderstanding. After that I scrapped my other working
 plans I had for the day around the observatory and immediately went on the
 offensive to top that tree before he for some reason changes his mind.  >>

I don't think I would have even dared to ask more than once after getting a
yes!  At the NJAA Observatory we've been waiting for a few large trees to come
down with lighting or ice or something. Since we're in a state park you need
all kinds od permissions to cut and trim.  Good luck with your new eastern