(meteorobs) re : Satellites May Be Shattered By Invisible Meteors

regarding the leonids in your paragraph below
>Steel says that data gathered during the recent visits by comets Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake reveal that the
>dust these comets gave off was rich in volatile organic compounds. If the same is true of the cometary debris >that forms the Leonids, most of the meteors may be invisible. This is because if they are made of highly volatile >material, many will burn up at relatively low temperatures -- too low to leave behind glowing trails detectable >from the ground.
I do not believe this, the answer is that the leonids have made an incredible storms many times in the past ( 1833, 1866, 1966 ). so this is a proof that the leonids are not made from a volatile material.
and I hope not, so as to sea this storm that will happen once or twice in the life.
as for
>Communications and other satellites could be threatened by the bombardment -- and both NASA and the >Russian Space Agency have postponed launches until the danger has passed.
I agree with you completely, and I have read somewhere, ( I think it was an e-mail from the imo) that the 1994 persied shower had abraded a satellite called hercules ( as I remember ).
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