Re: (meteorobs) Re: Plotting Times/Dead Time+more

Norman wrote:
> The key to fast plotting is star and constellation knowledge.  I again have
> to credit H A Rey's book, The Stars: A New Way to See Them, for my success.

It was the book which taught me the constellations.  Does anyone know
why the guy (E.C.Krupp I think) who writes for "Sky & Telescope" is so
vindictive about this excellent book (on a few occasions inlcuding a
few months ago)?  Could it have anything to do with the adaption of
the old "Sky & Telescope" charts?  Like Norman I heartily recommend it
if you're a beginner sky watcher.

> region of sky that otherwise would be very difficult to plot in.  I could
> cite a similar story with almost every constellation.

Cetus and Bootes to name but two.