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 Well George I was also somewhat surprised that the figures are close but
 there it is in black and white on page 30 of the 95 edition of the IMO's
 visual handbook. 
 For those who do not have the handbook the density figures listed for
 the Geminids was 4.2 g/cm3 and 3.4 g/cm3 for the Perseids. These figures
 were taken from Babadzhanov's 1994 results.

Yes I see it. Seems kinda dense? Is there any conflict with table 1-1 where it
shows the mass of a 0 magnitude eta aquarid meteor at 1 gram and a diameter of
2 cm's?  The table on page 30 shows the eta aquarids having a density around
5.3 g/cm^3.
George Zay