Re: (meteorobs) Meteor Observations Sep 13/14 ZAYGE & Triangulids


It's actually pretty darn interesting the "random radiant" you used to make 
your point happened to be around RA/Dec 5:00 +42, George! And that these 5 
"random meteors" were all Very Fast - generally a rare speed to see in a 
Sporadic... I say it's interesting because (assuming path lengths match), your 
meteors sound suspiciously like members of a complex related to the Delta 
Aurigids (DAU), a radiant recognized by IMO!

In fact, your radiant in the "Kids" of Auriga falls less than 10 degrees from 
the center of the DAU radiant, which is in fact considered active on the night 
of Sep 13/14 by IMO. Depending on meteor-radiant distances, this may even fall 
within the error limit for that radiant itself!

Last but not least, reading the IMO Meteor Calendar for 1997, I find the DAUs 
(and unrelated Alpha Aurigids) are described as a complex and poorly studied 
radiant. And Malcolm Currie has described the whole area to me as possibly 
holding a complex of related telescopic radiants.

In short George, while illustrating a "random alignment", you may have actually 
pointed up a small outburst of a real shower complex! Just goes to show, the 
final arbiter in any scientific inquiry is the data... not any one's 
preconceived notions about it, one way or another.

Clear skies and clear radiants! ;>