(meteorobs) some meteors reported

American Meteor Society (AMS) 

Can someone tell me if AMS or anybody has a list of meteors that have fallen
to earth since 1996. Following is a copy of my E-mail to a meteor friend.  .

Yesterday was my best day ever for meteors. I was told about at least nine (9)
meteors. Accordng to Los Alamos, in one day,  Oct. 3, 1996 five (5) meteors
were spotted. They were in IN, LA, NM, CA and Mass. 

I wonder if there is any list of meteors that have supposedly have fallen to
earth. It seems that many are not reported. I heard about one over Bosie,
Idaho last month. I called the newspaper and they said they heard about it but
it wasn't written up. 

On Thursday, Jan. 8, 1998 a women in Kennewick, Wash. was driving in her car
and saw this ball of fire trailing orange and red flames. She said it was as
big as her car. She thought it was going hit her and she slammed on her
brakes. The meteor splashed into the Columbia River about 1 or 2 blocks ahead
of her. It was reported in the Seattle Times on January 9, 1998. Another one
came over Colorado Springs, CO at midnight January 11, 1998.

Following is the E-mail I received from Japan about their meteors.

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Dear Mr. Lloyd Mielke:

I received your letter, dated Dec. 29, 1997, last Friday.
A few days prior to this, your letter to Dr. Masako Shima
had been arrived.  Since she was retired and comes to the
Museum less than once a week, your letter had not been opened
until I received the one to me.

Regarding your questions, the Tahara meteorite, fell on March 26,
1991, hit an automobile carrier ship docked at Toyota-pier at Toyohashi
harbour (near Nagoya).  Most of the meteorite were lost but small
pieces are preserved and are in hands of some crew members.  A small
piece of this meteorite is currently on display at our Museum.

The Mihonoseki meteorite, fell on  Dec. 22,1992, hit a two-story house
and penetrated the roof and two floors and recovered from the ground.

The Neagari meteorite, fell on Feb. 18, 1995, hit the trunk of a car
parked next to the owner's house.  The main part sit on the trunk but
many small fragments were found in the trunk room.

All new meteorites are to be reported to the Nomenclature Committee of
the Meteoritical Society and the approved meteorite names with brief
descriptions are published once a year as The Meteoritical Bulletin, which
is part of "Meteoritics and Planetary Science" published by the Society.
You can find more descriptions of these meteorites mentioned above in
"Meteoritics" vol.28 No.5 (1993) and vol.30 No.6 (1995).


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