(meteorobs) Fireball over SC, TN, and now NC

Hey guys...more posting on the earlier fireball report that I sent you.
George Zay

<< Subj:	(meteorobs) Fireball over SC, TN, and now NC
 Date:	97-05-10 13:53:23 EDT
 From:	MeteorObs@charleston.net (Mark Davis)
 Sender:	owner-meteorobs@latrade.com
 Reply-to:	meteorobs@latrade.com
 To:	meteorobs@latrade.com
 Hi Folks, I received another report of the fireball observed over the
 southeast on the 4th. Note that this one reports it at 2130 EDT versus 2114
 and 2116 for the other two. He also reports a sonic boom.....
 >>>On 5/4/97 at 9:30pm there was a very bright light over Charlotte followed

 by a sonic boom 2-3 minutes later! (???? Why so long???)  It was 
 traveling from East to West.
 At this point everyone assumes that it was a piece of Halley's debris.  
 Do you have any other reports concerning this incident.
 (Unfortunately, I was outside and could not look up at it but saw shadows 
 of trees created by it. So I cannot confirm what it looked like or how 
 large the image was.  But the amount of light on the ground was rather 
 Thanks for your time.  Great web site.<<<